Month: August 2007

  • Update #2 on Snickers

    Snickers got a bath; she is all pretty, smells good and doing well. I am now playing the vegetable game, trying to figure out which veggies she likes, which I can get her to eat even if not her favorite and which she will clearly not touch. Kay got her a feeding ball thingy, which […]

  • Selling out, the process continues…

    This dose of selling out was beneficial in many ways. First, by joining LinkedIn, I could see more profile information of people I was curious about. This greatly assisted some Errata research to start. In the last year or so, I turned my profile into a ‘real’ one. One caveat; I only list hobby experience […]

  • Update #1 on Snickers

    Yesterday Kay took Snickers to Alameda East and got to see Dr. Fitzgerald, a specialist for small rodents like Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs. Dr. Fitz checked in several different ways for mites, fungus and ringworms, even though he said it didn’t look at all like any of those. Parasites tend to cause at least some […]

  • Snickers

    Kay has been harassing me to adopt a guinea pig (gpig, piggie, cavy) for months now. last night during one of her routine perusals of the various shelter web pages, she ran across a very cute and mangled gpig. Named Snickers, she had been at the Boulder Humane Society for several months and was four […]

  • .de Vulnerability Information Vanishing

    [This was originally published on the OSVDB blog.] Due to a recent German law being passed, Phenoelit and now Stefen Esser’s Month of PHP Bugs has been removed. More information via an article by Robert Lemos.

  • 2007 Black Hat / DEF CON

    Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 – Black Hat – Day 1 Flight was uneventful. McCarran has a new car rental complex a ways from the airport. Leaving the complex dumps you directly on the strip, how convenient! I imagine someone on the tourism board is happy with themselves. Rented from Hertz as usual. While I did […]