News Pundits, the Real Tragedy

windbags like Nancy Grace are saying she will *demand* answers about why there wasn’t a better response, why students weren’t told about the shooter, how they could have saved 31 lives if they had, and why [person|group] didn’t [act|react] to [incident|shooter|actions]. she is pointing fingers at the campus administration for not having a better incident response plan, suggesting that if there was a better policy or maybe “shooting drills” (my words), that preparation would have saved lives.

it’s easy to take pot shots like this when you are an ignorant pop tart, but contingency planning can only go so far. the shooting today already broke the mold of “most mass murders” and the faux experts getting air time are already saying that the two hour gap between shootings is very strange, some going so far to suggest that they are coincidental but unrelated. part of this conclusion is due to eye witness description of the shooter is wildly different. even now, we are all waiting for the BATF to test the two firearms recovered to match the ballistics.

so, let’s give Nancy Grace and other vapid whores what they want. if this was one gunman, he took out more people than anyone else as far as domestic shooting incidents apparently. to plan for these incidents, we have to now plan for bigger incidents

criminal profiler (Pat Brown) saying “violent video and games” contributed to the actions. the profile goes on to say that these kind of people see success at previous schools, citing columbine, and “holding the record”. we’re “raising children to be violent” and society is breeding these killers. sorry, there is still a big line between video games and taking two semi-automatic handguns and killing 32 people. besides, if this “video game is teaching..” theory is correct, why don’t we see more targets charge the gunner with bare hands or knives or sticks, just like we see in the same video games? those games teach us that Mr. Ninja can take out the guy with the uzi. “we can stop pornography on the net. we can stop violence on the net.” this criminal profiler is babbling as much as the pundits that litter the ‘news’ channels. yay commercial break, back to my point about bigger incidents.

so, what could the shooter have done for a higher body count and more chaos? (oh no! you can’t talk about this, especially the day it happened!) yes, i can, because fat ass pundits are saying college administration should have been able to save 31 lives if the police told students what was happening rather than “go to your room, stay there, situation is under control” (you know, that whole avoid panic thing). first, assuming it was the same gunman, he could have carefully hidden one of his two guns at some point. police find him and recover one gun, now half of the bullets don’t match the gun and they have no idea if there was a second gunman. that alone could have caused more havoc than anything else. so make sure we have a policy to do an inch by inch search of a 50 square mile college campus if a shooting occurs, in case there are more guns. second, leave half a dozen letters stating different reasons why you did it. give authorities no chance to determine the real reason it occured, so they can’t better plan a response in the future. third, alter small parts of your attire or appearance between buildings/rooms. today’s shooting had two incidents and two different descriptions of the shooter. imagine if someone was trying harder to alter appearance and target groups of people in different areas. if the police don’t know how many shooters there are, can’t figure out the motive and can’t match all of the ballistics .. then what? (oh my god you crossed the line, stop!) not yet. since we’re big on stupid wild speculation and theories, i’ll be the first to go on record stating that the gunman may have been hired by Gonzales so that he could get out of congressional testimony hearings. (oh my god you brute, stop now!) ok. get the point Nancy Grace?

criminal profiler is back, saying police simply can’t respond in time to stop incidents, so we as a society have to “stop pyschopaths from being made.” yah, good luck with that. for the news pundits pondering about gun laws, yes, there will likely be a reactionary response. no, it won’t do any good because outlaws can still get guns one way or another. the only laws that might do good are ones that make possession of illegal firearms a more serious offense and warrant serious jail time. possession of an unregistered gun? 10 years. possession of a gun used in a crime? 25 years. possession of a gun used in a violent crime? 50 years. enact those laws and *enforce* them for several years, and that may begin to deter would-be attackers. oh, it won’t stop the psychopaths still. and now the profiler is saying that if more law abiding citizens had guns, it may stop the shooter as he would enter a classroom and not know who had a gun and could fire back. wow, someone actually saying that on the news! yes, that deters some types of violent crimes (see Arizona and other areas with lax laws on carrying guns, concealed or otherwise). no, that does not deter a psychopath that is going on a shooting rampage and then killing himself, or willfully dying to police response.

yes, today’s shooting was a tragedy and no matter how many times it happens, it is an outright shock. yes, it’s more shocking seeing these idiot windbag pundits dissect a chaotic situation and second guess everything, hours after it happened. the students and faculty being shot at or hearing shots close by are human, they can’t react like we think they should be able to. the first responders (private security, local police) are human, they are suddenly injected in the most chaotic situation you can imagine, expected to stop the bad things from happening, and given NO information to do it (big campus, one or two gunman, that direction, fix it!). the overall responders (law enforcement, SWAT, feds) are human, by the time they get there the incident is typically over, they can only stop something that is still happening. even then, regardless of training, they are subjected to a situation with little to no information.

bottom line: we need to better plan for these types of incidents. but, that planning simply can NOT be done hours, days or weeks after such an incident. it has to be done when logic and reason are the ruling factors, not passion and hatred.

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