Vendor Confidence

[This was originally published on the OSVDB blog.]

Lance James of Secure Science Corporation posted an advisory detailing a serious flaw in the Fedex/Kinkos ExpressPay smart card payment system. A knowledgeable attacker with relatively minor resources can abuse the system to defraud the company. In response to the advisory, Fedex/Kinkos replied to them saying:

“Our analysis shows that the information in the article is inaccurate and not based on the way the actual technology and security function. Security is a priority to FedEx Kinko’s, and we are confident in the security of our network in preventing such illegal activity.”

Secure Science replied with an image of a receipt showing that it can be done. In case that wasn’t enough for some skeptics, they also released a video showing the abuse in action. Hopefully this will encourage Fedex/Kinkos to change their stance and take back the comment about their confidence in the security of their network/technology. This whole incident reminds me of the l0pht’s catchy slogan: “Making the theoretical practical since 1992

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