OSVDB is Closing

[This was originally published on the OSVDB blog.]

OK, OSVDB is not really closing. But based on my experience with running and participating in projects and sites, the second you announce a valuable resource is going away, people come out of the woodwork to volunteer or support the project to keep it going. When the Attrition.org Defacement Mirror closed, I received several dozen mails asking, begging, even demanding that the project keep running. So why didn’t these same people help out for the years prior to the announcement? If a project or resource is that helpful and that valuable to you, why not support them?

Without going into a full rant or debate on the nature of open source (OS), one of the most prevalent arguments for OS is that the community can help. For OS code, it is argued that anyone can look at the source code and find bugs.. but they rarely do. For OS projects, it is argued that volunteers work on projects for the love of it, not because it’s a source of money for food and shelter.. but they often don’t.

That said, OSVDB could substantially benefit from one or two developers before any such closing. Ideally we need a couple folks with solid PHP coding experience, PostgreSQL database manipulation, and the willingness / desire / time to work on the project. We can promise you fortune and fame! OK not really. What we can offer you:

  1. The ability to develop and enhance the project in a leadership role (we’ll even call you ‘god’ if you want)
  2. The chance to significantly change the vulnerability database landscape (yes, really)
  3. Work on a number of long term development projects (we have ideas, you have skills!)
  4. The freedom to work when and how you want, with little to no supervision (go wild)

Interested? Mildly curious? Know someone you want to subject to us? Contact us, or pass this info along please!

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