Unresponsive Vendors (and a Bit of Irony)

[This was originally published on the OSVDB blog.]

Late yesterday, Jaime Blasco posted to Bugtraq looking for a security contact at 3com to further attempt to disclose a vulnerability in one of their products responsibly. Such posts are not uncommon these days, and one of the driving forces behind the OSVDB Vendor Dictionary. For vendors who may be under some delusion that their products contain no vulnerabilities, you should still maintain the security@ alias as per RFC 2142 standards. Ideally, we’d like for you to contact us with your preferred security address so our vendor dictionary is updated and accurate.

The irony of Blasco’s post is that 3com owns TippingPoint who runs the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), set up to purchase 0-day vulnerabilities from researchers. Why do I think that had Blasco mailed ZDI, he would have received a prompt reply?

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