A Day in the Life of a Security Bulletin

[This was originally published on the OSVDB blog.]

A Day in the Life of a Security Bulletin

Hi all- Alexandra Huft here again! I thought you might find it interesting to see “behind the scenes” of how a security vulnerability eventually becomes a security bulletin.

So, I’ll start way back at the beginning. We receive reports from many different finders on issues that may or may not be a vulnerability. The first thing that we do is work to determine that we are able to duplicate what the finder has reported. Sometimes this is very simple, other times we need to go back to the finder for additional information, but whenever possible we try and recreate what they’ve discovered with our own research. We work with the affected product teams and our own experts on the Secure Windows Initiative team (SWI) to reproduce these reports. We also try to keep the finder updated with as much information as we can provide, so that they are aware of where we are in the process. We then work on determining the severity, which is not always the easiest thing. Like you, we all have our opinions, which lead to many a heated discussion in the MSRC Situation Room where we meet several times a week. We all want the best decision for all of our customers.


I’d be interested in seeing the same topic covered by Sun Microsystems, HP, Oracle, and other vendors with large product bases.

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