April 2001 Reviews (The Yards, A Better Way to Die, Bedazzled)

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The Yards (2/5 rating) – Leo (Mark Walburg) is finally out of jail after serving 2 years for stealing a car. He just wants a straight life in order to take care of his family. Instead of a regular job, he falls back in with his best friend (Joaquin Phoenix) who takes care of not so pleasant business of his uncle Frank (James Caan). After a routine bribe goes bad, Leo is the suspect in a murder and attack in the Rail Yards. Slow pace, dull plot, mediocre dialog. Too bad, the movie had promise.

A Better Way to Die (3.5/5 rating) – A young cop wants to escape the crappy city beat. On his way to a small quiet town his luck goes south. Mugged, car stolen, shot at and more. Instead of getting to his girlfriend and living happily ever after, he is mistaken for a (corrupt?) FBI agent wanted by the everyone. Fairly interesting character, a couple good twists and more. This b-flick is worth the rental.

Bedazzled (2/5 rating) – Any movie with Brendan Fraser is likely to fall short. This is no exception. A boring and annoying computer geek sells his soul to the (hot and kinky) devil (that I’d love to spank) in return for seven wishes. Poor wording leads this (naughty) devil (in provocative outfits) to give him exactly what he asked for. Dork never wished to bend her over though, leaving this movie far from reality.

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