Month: April 2001

  • Cyberwar with China: Self-fulfilling Prophecy

    [This was written by Sioda and myself and originally published on] Voltaire once wrote, “If God didn’t exist, Man would have to invent Him.” It would seem that the popular press has taken this axiom and turned it on its ear. At the time of this writing, we are inundated with Chicken Little style […]

  • Cashing in on Vaporware

    “The CERT Coordination Center is a center of Internet security expertise“, and they have a new product to sell you. Only it isn’t really new – and it was never a stellar product to begin with. For years, CERT has been a federally funded group handling incident response, vulnerability analysis and published security alerts. They […]

  • April 2001 Reviews (The Yards, A Better Way to Die, Bedazzled)

    [This was originally published on] The Yards (2/5 rating) – Leo (Mark Walburg) is finally out of jail after serving 2 years for stealing a car. He just wants a straight life in order to take care of his family. Instead of a regular job, he falls back in with his best friend (Joaquin Phoenix) […]

  • Poetry #49: nowhere to go

    [This was originally published in F.U.C.K. poetry Issue #49. The publish date is approximate. It was originally written August 15, 1999.] dark shadow of my pen, in wavering candle light lead me to a promised land, where words meet wit where unabashed i may say as i feel, write as i want a place where […]

  • April 2001 Reviews (The Crow 3, Red Planet, The 6th Day)

    [This was originally published on] The Crow – Salvation (2/5 rating) – The Crow is a movie that is hard to describe, one that words can barely do justice for. As with many movies, the desire to make a sequel and keep the ‘story’ alive is based more in monetary profit than love of the […]