Movie Review: The Replacements

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When this movie came out, I quickly dismissed it as a movie I could live without. You have a sports reject team put together (Major League turned football), and Keanu Reaves (Dude..). These two thrown together didn’t seem like a winner pick at the time. Months later and one more movie rental under my belt, I have to admit I was wrong.

In short, this movie is about a pro-football player strike that leaves several teams with season ticket holders and fans, but without their players. Until the strike can be worked out and a settlement reached, coach Jimmy McGinty (Gene Hackman) must put together a replacement team lead by quarterback Shane Falco (Keanu Reeves) to last them four games. The catch? These four games would determine if the team would make it to the playoffs. Enter a bunch of losers and rejects! Just like Major League we have a religious nut, a convicted felon, etc. Hey, it worked for Major League (but not the sequels), so it can work for a football movie right? Along with the misfits of the team, the cheerleading squad is replaced by the staff of a local strip club, providing some amusing sideline dancing and spanking.

Enter Annabelle Farrell (Brooke Langton), the head cheerleader for the football team. I spent half the movie wondering why they would concentrate any camera time on Keanu when this beauty was in the movie. Mmmmm. Err, sorry, the review.

As the team begins to show signs of competency on the field, time draws closer to the playoffs bringing it to one game that will decide if they make it. This of course is prime time for the regular quarterback to cross the picket line and return to the field. With the replacement team loyal to Falco, the egotistical regular season quarterback, and pressure from the team owner, it provides for an interesting final game.

While the movie didn’t bring me to tears, it provided for a good amount of laughter and a whole lot of tingling in those ‘special places’, dreaming about naughty things that could be done to Brooke Langton. For one reason or another, I definitely recommend it.

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