Month: December 2000

  • Poetry #46: still frame life

    [This was originally published in F.U.C.K. poetry Issue #46. The publish date is approximate.] lively animation of still frame life unfocused anticipation, for the personification of the culmination of times past face the hardship as a soldier facing his shadow knowing it is only the harbinger of ill times

  • Movie Review: Mission to Mars

    [This was originally published on] Mars is one of the many recent space exploration movies, focused on the exploration/colonization of the planet Mars. The mystical red planet with the oh so famous ‘face‘ that lead people to wonder about ancient alien civilizations. Anyway, on to the movie… As with any movie remotely technical or…

  • Movie Review: The Replacements

    [This was originally published on] When this movie came out, I quickly dismissed it as a movie I could live without. You have a sports reject team put together (Major League turned football), and Keanu Reaves (Dude..). These two thrown together didn’t seem like a winner pick at the time. Months later and one…