Feds, Felons, and Flakes: Reflections on the Attrition Mirror

In 2000, Matt, Dale, and myself did a presentation at BlackHat Briefings in Las Vegas on the Attrition defacement mirror, after we had concluded the project. Below is the summary and one slide from the stats for perspective.

This presentation covered the basics of running the Defacement Mirror, problems we ran into, the mirror process, detailed statistics on defacement activity to date, and more. Presentation by Jericho, Munge, and Punkis at BlackHat USA 2000.

The statistics and information presented here are based on data collected since November 1998
Attrition began actively mirroring defaced sites in January 1999
Mirrors on the attrition site date back to 1995
Data before January ‘99 is believed to be accurate but is not 100% confirmed

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