Month: July 2000

  • Feds, Felons, and Flakes: Reflections on the Attrition Mirror

    In 2000, Matt, Dale, and myself did a presentation at BlackHat Briefings in Las Vegas on the Attrition defacement mirror, after we had concluded the project. Below is the summary and one slide from the stats for perspective. This presentation covered the basics of running the Defacement Mirror, problems we ran into, the mirror process, […]

  • Poetry #45: little piece of my soul

    [This was originally published in F.U.C.K. poetry Issue #45. The publish date is approximate.] little piece of my soul ridiculed out of place spit it back in his face remove that shred of pride by telling him that he lied revel in his heartfelt pain his feelings to you inane watch his life crumble to […]

  • Hacker attacks welcomed…

    [This was originally published on, and reprinted on Linux Security.] Hacker attacks welcomed.. I’m sure they are. The new article reads: Openhack data will help e-businesses develop the appropriate balance of Net security, openness,11011,2593631,00.html Does this bring flashbacks of any previous contest? Does for me. I seem to recall the same group running a […]

  • Hacking: A Game for the 90’s?

    [This was originally published in Ex-Game Vol 1, a print magazine in Japan. Exact publish date not known, just the year.] Friday night, you’ve been at it for three hours. Typing away at your computer, hitting one web site after another. Every ten minutes that passes, some large corporate network’s web page has been replaced […]

  • Another brick in the wall: Fighting a losing battle on the front lines of security

    [This was originally published on IBM Developer Works.] You sacrifice convenience for security and security for convenience. For which goal was your computer network built? Security? Oops! In the realm of human endeavor, there is usually a simple logic applied to the process of building things. This logic is seen in the way houses, computers, a even […]