Music Review: Brigid Boden (Self-titled)

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What do you get when you cross a beautiful femme voice, with a twist of Irish influence and an occasional rap or hip hop beat? Brigid Boden. As weird as the combination may sound, she pulls it off quite nicely.

Starting out with beats heavily tinted with Irish background, Brigid launches into songs that are warm and almost haunting. Must Go On and I’ll Always Stay begin with soothing yet sad tunes about losing her love and moving on.

Oh How I Cry begins with a quick rap intro and abruptly jumps to Brigid’s singing. This unlikely combination proves to be a lively song that has since been remixed and turned into its own single.

Throughout the album, Brigid’s voice floats above a simple music base, emphasizing the clarity and purity of the vocals. Combined with lyrical poetry she runs the gambit of true love and the sorrow of losing someone close by blending Irish Folk with a more up beat Hip Hop style.

Don’t take it wrong, it is by no means another femme singing about love that falls short. This is yet another album that words do not do justice to.

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