Month: September 1999

  • Network Solutions Inc. Security Problem

    AFFECTED SYSTEMS Any system with a registered domain name. BACKGROUND Network Solutions Inc. has the monopoly on the registration of domain names across the .com, .org and .net top level domains (TLDs). Thus, they have a “captive audience.” It was to this audience that Unsolicted Bulk Email (UBE) was sent regarding their services. Due to […]

  • Defacto Damage: Unusual Trends in Loss Figures

    [This was originally published on Aviary Magazine and mirrored on] A disturbing trend is emerging in computer crime across the United States. A trend that can not easily be passed off as mere coincidence either. With each computer crime comes a figure for damages and losses. Not surprisingly, when media and law enforcement report […]

  • Diary Entry 8[15]99

    [This was originally published in Underground Experts United Issue #514 and mirrored on The exact publish date is not known.] Sunday night has come and gone, time spent at the usual. I can’t help but wonder why I go to that place with all the preppy assholes. Even dancing alone I feel a thousands […]

  • Music Review: Brigid Boden (Self-titled)

    [This was originally published on] What do you get when you cross a beautiful femme voice, with a twist of Irish influence and an occasional rap or hip hop beat? Brigid Boden. As weird as the combination may sound, she pulls it off quite nicely. Starting out with beats heavily tinted with Irish background, […]

  • Poetry #36: razorblade highs

    [This was originally published in F.U.C.K. poetry Issue #36. The publish date is approximate.] fastback razorblade highs thrill of two minute masturbation ecstasy falling back, pillow nightmares scream, sweat, curse and wake waken enlightened. knowledge of all self suffering. knife in back blacking out, wake again. this time. might be for real.