Music Review: Kidney Thieves (Trickster)

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Part of a good music review is comparing the band with other well known bands to give the reader an idea of the style or type of music. Who do we compare the Kidney Thieves too? My first thought was _Curve_, but they are not well known enough. Punkis came up with _Concrete Blonde_ but I disagreed quickly. Then we tried to match the music which is basically industrial for a good part of it, with like bands and ignored the singer’s voice. Why? Not many well known industrial bands with female vocalists. In the end, we decided there is no good comparison, you just have to listen to them.

For others reviewing their music citing relation, affiliation, or “sounds like” Nine Inch Nails or Manson, fuck off monkey children. Unlike many other overnight bands, the Kidney Thieves stand on their own sound and style. Combining fierce and emotional music with a groovy female voice is definitely not old or overused.

Many people refer to music as emotional, and this band is no exception. However, it isn’t the heart broken despair or fun time at the beach driving the music. Rather, a controlled and powerful rage and excitement seems to drive their first CD. For me, the first two songs in particular (Taxicab Messiah and S+M) incite me to a near one man riot. Fear me driving this to music, especially on the LA freeways. 😉

Songs like the beginning of Feathers, Pretty (in full), and K slow the beat down to let a solid beat and baseline carry Free Dominguez’ voice. The clear and solid voice is that much more clear and beautiful in contrast to the heavy and rough music accompanying it.

This CD is a must have for anyone into industrial or female vocalists.

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