Month: April 1999

  • Poetry #28: (untitled)

    [This was originally published in F.U.C.K. poetry Issue #28. The publish date is approximate. It was originally written April 16, 1999] leather constricting, rubbing raw, blood flows free. metal rings cold against arm, pain fires through. chain flows away into the wall. a virtual cross am i. eyes closed it could be a noose more […]

  • Ulterior Motives (a look at shoddy journalism)

    [This was originally published on Hacker News Network (HNN) and mirrored on] Introduction Today, journalism has moved from shoddy to sleazy and demands correction and explanation. We are all aware of the deficiency in reporting on security and hacking and for those who have read stories in the past few months, you probably realize […]

  • Dark Rain

    [This was originally published on] The alley stretched out forever in both directions. Dirty old alley lamps created an eerie lighting effect in the pouring rain. Derek had been walking for nearly an hour before he finally stopped. He pushed his lips together and tilted his head back, bathing his face in the downfall. […]