Month: November 1998

  • Disclosure: Possible problems with ‘sudo’ package

    During a recent client assessment, I discovered what I thought to be a bug in the ‘sudo’ package. After further investigating and talking with Todd C. Miller (the maintainer of ‘sudo’), I was informed that it was not a bug, but expected behavior under a default install. The reason for this post it to make […]

  • Poetry #27: nom

    [This was originally published in F.U.C.K. poetry Issue #27. The publish date is approximate.] what’s in a name you ask? far from divine, it begs why not what culture has deemed so much wrong we go tiptoing through life, trying.. not to disappoint not to let down not to.. my ruling passion is spilled out […]

  • #563: can it feel this wrong?

    [F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as […]