An Open Letter to KUSA

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It is 4:40 MST, Monday, Feb 5th.

Your news show today was very tacky, very misleading, and very insulting to me and many of my friends.

During your broadcast, you gave out a web site for a medical related site that tied in to one of your spots. Afterwards, your anchorwomen said something to the effect of “whatever that means”. She and her partner then go on to a quick spot telling about online access and talk about America Online. You make the very very very wrong assumption that every clueless newbie to the net makes. America Online is NOT the net.

Your person goes on to say “A 28.8bps Modem is required to access the net, now don’t worry if you don’t know what that means, just know that you need one”. You can access the web just fine with a 14.4. Your mistaken assumption comes from America Online’s less than standard service. AOL’s web browser has been rated as worst on the net by more than 10 magazines in the past few years. AOL’s own Web Supervisor refuses to use it because of its speed, and chooses to PAY for another net account with better web access. You also mention to watch your time, because time is money on the net. How is it I pay 17 bucks a month for UNLIMITED time? I never bother worrying about money because I go with a reasonable ISP instead of a corporate entity concerned with money.

Both of your anchor people talk about the net, yet both said on the news broadcast that neither owned a computer, and went on to joke about Baywatch, and viewing the images on Compuserve if one of them could. That childish insipid attitude is what lead to the CDA (Communications Decency Act). The CDA is robbing Americans of their 1st amendment rights.

I suggest that before you talk about the internet, that you do a little research on what you are talking about. The fact that you use America Online to answer mail (Even if you have an Overhead Account), you are showing your lack of knowledge about the net as well as your desire to be censored. Yes, some of the very things you talk about on your news broadcast will get you kicked off AOL.

If you would like some suggestions on getting an ISP account, having your staff trained on the internet, or setting up better services, I would be glad to offer assistance. Anything done through mail (advice/suggestions) are of course free, and I would even be willing to give your staff a 1 hour session on the internet for free, just to see your employees more educated.

Thank you.

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