#090: Defcon ][

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

Note: This is a story/narration about my trip to Defcon II. In case you didn’t know, Defcon II (I won’t include the ‘II’ from here on out, but this is about the second, not the first) is a convention held for shady characters in the computer underground. For this convention, a few more people heard about it, and more than just hackers/phreakers showed up. Speakers talk about H/P/A/V/C stuff, surveillance, the law relating to those subjects, etc. Anyway, this is my story, told from a weird point because part was written during the trip, part was written after etc. It may be a little jumpy from here to there, but I think it will be well worth reading. This file will also probably end up being longer than most, but once again, well worth the time to read. I should include some great information, neat quotes, interesting facts, and other stuff. This file will also have a lot more humor, and not quite as serious a theme as usual, but that should help to show other kinds of people out there, and the culture they are in. W3rd.

Since nothing exciting happened on the way to the airport, we will begin this from Stapleton airport in Denver Co. The cast: Me (Dam) and Morpheus. Destination: Las Vegas, Nevada. Why: Defcon II. (note: I had never been to Vegas, but Morpheus had). This takes place over Friday the 22nd, to Monday the 25th of July 1994. For historical type purposes.

Day 1

We arrived almost an hour before the flight so we decided to hit the arcade and kill some time. Lethal Enforcers was our game of choice, and upon playing found out we couldn’t shoot the side of the screen. If you haven’t played this game, read on but know that you can’t get far unless you can shoot the bad guys that appear on the side of the screen. So we try to get our money back and the guy walks to the machine and keys in a credit for him. (Note: This guy had a barcode tattoo on his leg for some bizarre reason). He then points out that by standing the farthest from the screen, you can indeed shoot the sides. I asked him to shoot out a glass window on the very side of the screen and he tries once, realizes he couldn’t do it, then shoots a bad guy and keeps going. He then pronounces the game fine, and leaves without giving a few credits. He tried to social engineer us. Lamer.

The first leg of the trip was from Denver to Salt Lake City, Utah. As we took our seats, we figured we would be fortunate enough to have all three seats to ourselves. Right before the final call for passengers, a lady came up and asked if the other seat was taken. I should have said ‘yes’ but didn’t think to since she seemed a normal person. Bitch. She put her little daughter beside me and moved a few seats back. The girl’s father sat a few seats up, both rid of the brat. For over an hour and a half I put up with this girl screaming, kicking me in the leg, and tossing her doll around by the hair. I must say that during this whole thing Morpheus was a complete dick as he buried himself in earphones and cranked the volume, oblivious to the brat and me being tortured. Maybe he was right about me bringing my own earphones. Bastard.

Utah was dull. A three hour layover promised to bore us out of our minds but we were a little more creative. First things first. We called everyone we knew back in Denver to remind them we were going to Defcon and they weren’t (thpptt). Distortion wasn’t home for some reason(or asleep probably) so no picking on him….yet. Rage picked up on the 17th ring with a weak ‘hello?’. Yes! We had waken him just to tell him where we were and where he wasn’t!

As is custom with me, I decided to wonder the airport and check things out. Three minutes later we had toured a majority of the place so we hit a small food kiosk. Morpheus decided to get a artsy coffee or something while I insulted him. “Cappuccino drinking mother fucker” and “artsy fartsy trendy idiot” were two of my better ones while he answered “yes, whip cream. yes, the gnu artsy kinda beans.”

Back to the gate we went, intent upon serving the rest of our three hour sentence in hell. Well? What would you call three hours surrounded by Mormons staring at you. From here we hit a bank of phones beside the gate liberating them of their ‘US West’ signs and calling people in Denver, again. Cyanide had returned to work so we chatted with her for a bit, and made sure she remembered that we were not in Denver, and that she was working the whole time. (Morpheus is gonna get it). J-man the Shaman didn’t get a call from us since his number was unlisted, but we tried. Good part is, he made it to the con after all.

Time passed as I reread Snowcrash and Morpheus listened to some music. As we boarded the plane, I couldn’t help but notice as people pushed past me holding boarding passes numbered ‘117’ and ‘138’. If you didn’t know, Morris air uses numbered boarding passes like that, then calls ‘Boarding numbers 1-30’ etc. I was holding 8 and Morpheus 7. I also couldn’t help but notice they didn’t speak English as they bumped by. One other note about Morris Air. Their symbol is the same symbol for Chaos. Seriously. And they also have really rad safety messages at the beginning of their flights.

The next plane flight was a little different for us. We sat with our backs toward the front of the plane and faced three other passengers. During the flight, we talked to Sheila who worked for the University of Utah and had a slight background in computers. We talked about ‘puters, music, Mormons, and other fun stuff. Come to find this 55-60 year old lady professor likes Ministry and has an internet email address. We said ‘elite’.

Landing in Vegas was another first. I imagine that is the only place where you walk off the plane and trip over slot machines. The ride to the Mirage(our spiff hotel) was enjoyable and as we pulled up, I realized how rich some bastards must be if they could build a hotel like this. Anyway, on to the con!

We walked about three miles to the con(yes, we were at the other end of the strip) but saw all sorts of neat stuff. Arriving at the hotel we wound our way through the casino, up the escalator, and in the dark depths of the convention center. A small gathering of shady characters were gathered around. We registered, and started chatting with others. From 4-10 range, we actually bored as hell and didn’t have any choice but to watch the weird flicks they were playing. That included ‘Computer Warriors’ cartoon, some fucked up JapAp cartoon rated NC-17 that had these chicks getting raped by 30 foot penises and all powerful demons.

After the movie we found out that ’20 Ways to Trash a PC in ASM’ had been cancelled because the speaker was either jetlagged or drunk. No one knew for sure, so we decided to leave and hope the next day would be much better. Walking back toward the casino we hooked up with the TNO guys and started talking to more and more people showing up late. We chilled in the con room talking to everyone filtering in and finding out who was who. Then it happened. I spotted a fed. I quickly got Remj, Morpheus, and a few others and we quickly cornered him. “What agency are you with” was the first question out. That kinda established why we had begun conversation. Here are some things about him we found out:

  • He registered as Sid Wilson, and registered differently at the hotel we were in.
  • He would not give us his name, company he worked for etc.
  • He claimed he worked in the private/corporate security field.
  • He had a BA from the air force, Masters from ASU, had been in the military, and had at one time worked with a gov agency.
  • He said it wasn’t FBI, CIA, SS, or NSA, but smaller and just as private as the NSA.
  • He claimed he could walk into the NSA, and have full access to all of their computing power, because the NSA had certain interests in the companies he worked for.
  • He said he had full access to FBI, CIA, and Secret Service records.
  • He said he makes between 100 and 250k a year. (elite)
  • He said he doesn’t currently work for the feds, but occasionally they used him for resources(information primarily).

Every question we shot at him designed to trip him up he met with a good answer and was cool under fire. Once or twice he slipped up on wording and resulted in him sounding like he worked for the DOD or NSA(specifically those two agencies because we were talking about them). Either way, everyone agreed he was a fed. I received my ‘I spotted the fed’ t-shirt and he received his ‘I am a fed’ t-shirt. Either way, he was extremely nice, and even if he wasn’t legit, really interesting to talk to. Just for reference, he went into great detail about everything from surveillance to lockpicking.

During the whole talk with him(anywhere up to 20 people were listening at a time) we noticed a few others acting funny. Following up on the registry, asking questions, etc., we determined they were feds to. That put the ratio pretty high on us/fedz. One of them later was counted as a legit fed spot(by me but I didn’t get a second shirt – your welcome Natex!). The night wound down and we headed back to our hotel(walked three miles at 2:00 am) and paid a dollar for a coke each before crashing.

Day 2

10:00 sharp, and we walked through the door ready for the next day armed with little sleep, a lot of caffeine, and a bag full of goodies. I quickly spotted the TNO booth and we went over and talked to DeadKat. It took less than 20 minutes to pass out 40 of the 50 disks I brought, each containing F.U.C.K. files 1-89 and a special word to Defcon people only found on those disks (collector’s file!). Of course, yelling out that they contained everything from current 950 codes, Mastercard numbers, fed info, etc. made them go much quicker(good idea DK!). The first three disks were handed to confirmed feds. H0h0h0. Wait ’til they read those!

Some people of interest: Grayarea/Netta Gilboa was there. She is the founder/editor of Grayarea magazine. I must say I was disappointed as I watched her give out free mags to other people of importance, but none to me, especially after I gave her my mag. 🙁

Phil Zimmerman gave a speech about PGP(duh), and told about his past a little. All stuff we had heard with TNO when he talked to us months before.

Gayle Thackery was next, giving a speech that somehow tied in PGP to kidnapping. I am still trying to figure that one out. She was also the butt of several jokes later, but all in jest. 🙂

(This next part written while at the con listening to a speaker)

As I sit here at the TNO booth, things are kinda mellow, people taking flyers, asking questions, meeting people etc. A lot of big names in the computer underground pass by, many in the ‘PD’ or ‘Law Enforcement’ scene as well. Of all the groups that were represented, legal or not, only one stood out in any way. TNO. At the table we have an old computer that will be given out later as a doorprize. People are messing with it while talking about how old it is, and whether they remember a computer that weighed about 45-50 pounds(and it did). We are also handing out flyers with Deadkat’s and Agent 866’s board advertisement. Telnet to ‘Corrupted.Sekurity.Com’ and logon as BBS. Rad place to be sez me. Next we were passing out a flyer showing the prime trashing areas in the Denver Tech center. We commented that they would make a great shirt, and at the next con could probably hope to see those same maps for other towns. Beside the flyers were business cards for Phil Dubois (Zimmerman’s lawyer) and his private investigator. At the table is a scanner monitoring hotel security so we get the drop on them (snicker). This is one social gathering from hell in most of TNO’s eyes therefore their laid back attitude. Remj was wearing a shirt that is worth mentioning. Front said ‘TNO’ in big letters, and the back said ‘Fuck the Fedz’ with ‘No R3sp3ct!’ under it. Quite funny and great for walking through the casino.

(end part written at TNO booth during con)

Ate lunch after that with a number of people from the con. After eating the crappy buffet at the Sahara(where the con was) we talked about several issues concerning copyrighting, encryption, and how to hack the credit card keys they used for the hotel rooms. Natex by the first day had deciphered the numerical code on the cardkey to his room, and figured out how to re-write it so it could serve as a master key. Muhahaha. Dead Addict, Juobs, Laughing Gas, DJ Ren, Root, Ezra, Bob, Natex, and myself were present for this lunch. Hey all.

We meandered back to the con and mixed with others, kind of getting the feel for who was there etc. We had almost one more hour before the next scheduled speaker. Morpheus found me and pointed out John Dvorak who had just walked in. I thought it was kind of wild that he would show and headed over to talk with him. First impression was that he was really laid back, mellow, and just a good guy. Of course, I had to ask him some questions about his book (Dvorak Predicts by you know who). Since I was wearing a ‘PRESS’ pass as well as my normal name badge, I decided to ask a few other questions and told him I would relay the answers in this file to be. I asked him two main questions. “In your opinion what is the biggest problem with Apple, and with IBM?” He thought Apple had a lack of applications on the market while IBM held onto a dead end architecture. True.

Throughout the first part of the day we all noticed the decided lack of codes at that type of convention. Dead Addict noticed the decided lack of drugs. To each their own. 🙂 The night before I had traded a disk full of FUCK for a printed ‘zine called ‘The Barfing Yak’. Pappy is the editor and I spoke with him for a little about each of our zines and later that night read the rest of the zine. So I caught up with him and complemented him on the Zine. It is well written, neato little drawings, and good ideas. Call him at 800.221.3218 ext 269 for more info on how to get it. Within a month or so they are planning on releasing the zine in written and text format. As the mag says ‘Yak on’.

The next speakers talked about Surveillance and Anti-surveillance. The presentation was quite interesting and here are a few things from it I figured would be cool to relay on. Phones can’t be secure no matter what you do. You can not GUARANTEE your phone line is safe to talk on. “Radio Shack is your spy store”, And they showed it. The gave details on monitoring people, finding bugs etc. The cool part is, most of the devices they showed could be replicated with cheaper parts from Rat Shack.

Following the spy stuff, someone spoke on wire taps and other legal aspects but told of interesting twists. I can’t remember who spoke, and for some reason didn’t write it down, but two facts that were told are definitely worth interesting. Both are based on fact which we quoted sources for. 90% of all Law Enforcement wire taps are illegal. They are illegally obtained, tampered with in some way, or something else happens to destroy their integrity. Check into it. Next was a great statistic, and I think I got the numbers right, either way they are close. There is a 22% conviction rate based off evidence from wire taps. They cost around 65,000 dollars per tap and over 60,000 wiretaps were used in 1992. You figure out how much they cost the taxpayers and tell me if it is worth 22% convictions.

It wasn’t long before dinner rolled around(yes, that means not a whole helluva lot happened) and a different group of us sat down and ate. ‘Repospaz’ led the way to the Sahara buffet (sigh) and we grabbed a quick bite. Microsoft, CD Rom, OS/2, and security were the topics of this meal. Since I was eating with one former employee of Microsoft, one corporate security type person, and one other person that had a good general knowledge of computers, it was quite interesting. The halibut was pretty good also.

The wait after dinner was probably the most single interesting hour of the whole con. Someone else(Frosty I believe) popped in a self mixed tape from hell. It started out with some porn action. Then flipped to the animations of the wall. Back to porn, then to Lawn Mower Man, back to porn, to Minds Eye, back to porn, etc. To top that off, each porn scene was edited as well. Keep in mind, when I say back to, it went one frame of one topic to split second to the next, no static, no noise, instant jump. Anyway, the porn jumped from different people to different scene just as well, so that you couldn’t follow anything at all in that video. I was told later that it had everything from a guy with a 2 foot penis to a hermaphrodite (remember that word this time Morpheus).

After dinner I discovered the best part of the whole building. For only one dollar, you could get a bottle of Heinekin. Great price for good beer(in my opinion at least). So Morpheus and I drank quite a few that night, yet he didn’t get quite as toasted as I did. While drinking, we listened to Winn Schwartau give an impromptu speech on monitor surveillance and how to build a cheap but effective device that could monitor video output of lower screen resolutions. He mentioned a place called the Spy Supply in Denver (just moved here apparently) and a number to reach for more information about all of that. 617.327.7272 So give it a call if you are interested in more info on surveillance of any kind.

Next, ‘Mark’ gave an impressive lecture on hacking the Oki 900 phone, how he started, what you could do with it, etc. Needless to say, it is probably the best phone to get if you are interested in hacking cells. For more info he told anyone to mail info@nw.com and indeed, they will send you a three/four page letter explaining where to get more info on the subject. By this time I was quite drunk and headed back to a friend’s room so he could grab his notebook. I ended up getting three Long Island Iced Teas. 🙂 While I was gone, I was told that someone else (Drunkfux I think) gave a little info about hacking Motorola cells.

After we got back to the convention, listened to some more stuff from various people and things kind of broke up. Party in 1790 is where things went. In the first half hour there were over 30 people in the room piling on tables, beds, and wherever else they could sit/stand. The window opened all the way so fresh air came through(and that is a big deal since it is against the law to have windows open more than X amount of inches – because of suicide attempts). The party was great, Long Island Iced Teas were mixed by a hacker who also worked as a bartender(yeah!). For a while ‘Repospaz’ was missing, and when he showed up, he told us he walked down to the casino, put three quarters in, and then showed us his back of 60 quarters. Must be nice.

Other memorable things from 1790 that night. Didn’t like the rest of the drink? Just throw it out the window. We did. I remember hearing this one: “I was like, three quarters of a way through the class, and then I did some ‘shrooms” referring to a college class. “..there were dolphins in the mall…” and surprisingly, this had nothing to do with taking drugs. Hearing all these great things I told everyone I was planning on writing this file, and asked if anyone had any good quotes for the mag. Here it is:

“Don’t spit out the high rise at the MGM” – ???

“Dvorak stole my Barfing Yak!” – Artimage

“The only thing more fucked up than the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen, is defcon.” – Novacaine

“And followed them was a pale horse, and upon that horse rode death, and hell followed with him.” – Jarik

“Exile is too elite.” – Darkman

“I have [a quote] on my computer, I’ll give it to you tomorow.”

Hope those mean as much to you as they do to me. 🙂

  • Great shirt alert: “Toneloc – Over 5 Million Scanned”

I left the party sometime after 2 (I think), and found Morpheus back at the convention room talking with more people about cells and how to hack them, but we broke off and headed back to our room. This time we took a cab.

Day 3

Winn Schwartau started off again with one of the best speeches regarding new technology and today’s cyberspace. He started out with some basics, enough to get you in the mood and get you relaxed as he took you on a tour of “what we CAN do today, that you just don’t know about”. He quoted a movie near the start called Prime Risk that I plan on seeing pretty soon. From the sound of it, you may want to check it out if you are interested in the following I relay on about his talk. We have all heard of trojans and what they can do, and how dangerous they are, but have you ever thought of a hardware trojan? Coding designed in the chip, so that it is in your machine from day one? Think of the potential of that. Later in this paragraph I will give you a book to check out, and it should tell a LOT more about these subjects, but this will give you the gist. Herfguns and EMP/T bombs. Don’t know if the ‘herfgun’ part is spelled right but that is how it sounds. I have read a little on EMP/T to know they aren’t ‘Empty’ bombs. Anyway, they both consist of ways of knocking computers offline as well as any other technical machine using the basic technology a computer uses. Weaker devices of this nature will cause a system to reboot or something pretty harmless. Bigger or more powerful weapons of this nature will kill data on machines, cause all sorts of mayhem on the machine, and some other stuff. He went on to tell how the media said a virus helped us win the Gulf war, but in reality, well placed EMP/T bombs did it. From here he broke off and started a new thread of conversation and had one good quote in the middle of it: “In cyberspace you are guilty until proven innocent”. If you are in ‘cyberspace’ then you know the truth behind it and what that means. The rules are different there. Some other points he made and backed up quite well were these:

  • Industrial espionage is up 400% in the last 6 years.
  • Espionage is estimated to cost 100 Billion dollars, creating over 3 million jobs.
  • Current U.S. policy encourages espionage.

If you want to know more about any of the above, Winn is the author of a book called Information Warfare available at Walden’s and B. Dalton’s I believe. From his speech, and general attitude at the con, it is a must get. If you wish to mail him with questions related to that, he can be reached at P00506[at]PSILINK.COM . If you wish to know more about his background I have some information, or you can mail him direct.

After that great speech we got to listen to Phil Zimmerman come back on stage and beg for money, software, and hardware to help fund his new project, which is a form of PGP for voice conversation over the telephone. If you are interested, mail him(get his address from PGP).

In the near future should be some Defcon scanned images, a good amount of text, etc. available on the net at various locations. I only know of what is planned, so keep an eye out for it. (And pass this article along too!)

The best hack of the con was presented next. While a member of Defcon was walking through the casino the day before, a manager approached him and asked him about Defcon. Most of us had adopted the standard line of “You ever seen Sneakers and Wargames?” “Yeah” “That is what we do.” So this guy asks the hacker “Could you get me a list of Baccarat players staying at the Sands hotel? The hacker said “No problem”. The next day the hacker handed the manager a list of ‘players’ in return for three days comp at the Sahara. In case you don’t know what ‘comp’ is, that means his room, all food, and all beverages were paid for by the hotel. The list of players included Gayle Thackery(mentioned above). Excellent hack man! Two thumbs up.

Dead Addict was next to hit the stage with his speech called “Two Futures”. He basically told us of two very real but opposite futures, Utopia/Dystopia. He told us about an ‘Information Convergence’ that was likely to happen in one or both futures, and that the future depends entirely on who controls the information. He reminded us that ‘a paranoid person is one who is well informed’.

    Utopia                           Distopia
    ------                           --------
    End of limits.                   'Their dreams take place,
    End of patents.                   not yours.'
    End of copyrights.               Redundant/Suppressed research.
    Educational freedom

That should give you an idea what the two futures stand for and the basics of what he was saying. Other things he mentioned to note:

  • “Television Programming” – That phrase is the absolute truth. Think about it.
  • “There will always be bugs in the future…at least as long as Microsoft is around” – This was said as his notebook beeped at him that his battery was low. 🙂
  • “90% of people have committed felonies in their lives” – This is hard to believe, but make a perfect list of felonies described by law, and you will see that is close to the truth.
  • Hackers obtain info = crime / Corporations pay/bribe for info = acceptable
  • Selective Enforcement is how the law works right now. It needs to change.

He concluded that hackers would always be around, “hacking to destroy the corruption we perceive.” This ended an excellent speech. During his talk, he mentioned a book to check out, called Shockwave Rider by John Brunner(i think).

Mark Ludwig was next on stage, and if you don’t know, he is one of the biggest names in virus research/development. His talk was a little chaotic as his points were not an even flow, but some very interesting and valid points.

  • Is copying software stealing? Jesus duplicated fish/bread, so was he stealing from fisherman and bakers?
  • God made man, Colt made them equal.
  • Authorities can’t take our(hackers) tools of trade. 1) Info 2) Computers (cheap and readily available) 3) Software (copied easily)

He mentioned one book that deals with keeping ahold of your money and making it inaccessible to the government. Details are outlined in the book Offshore Nestegg Strategy. You may have to contact Privacy Reports Inc. at 26A Peel St, Groundfloor Central, Hong Kong to get it since the government has basically banned it here. Next, Mark gave out some awards for the Virus writing contest which was kind of slow this year.

Peter Baruk from the SPA was next in line (of fire 🙂 ). He took the podium knowing fully he would probably get taunted and provoked but kept a good attitude through the whole thing. He basically told what the SPA is, who it consists of, and what they do. Two interesting facts he quoted: An internet site at MIT that had copyrighted software on it (warez!) was estimated to distribute over 100 million dollars worth of software in 2 weeks. Rusty ‘n Edie’s was estimated to distribute over 750,000 dollars worth in 6 weeks. This brought a question to mind, so I asked. “How can you count that as a loss to the software company if that software wouldn’t have been DLed had it not been free?”. I basically meant that most DLing of software like that is because it is free. If it hadn’t been free, most wouldn’t have been DLed. He never fully answered my question but oh well. During his Q&A someone mentioned “Better dead than Fed”. We all got a good laugh out of that. After his speech I caught up with him to clear one law up that I will pass along. It is a felony if you have over 10 pieces of software OR the software is valued over $2500 in a 180 day period. If you have any questions about that, or anything else related to the SPA, you can reach them at 800.388.PIR8 (neato).

Great shirt alert: “In this age of digital Darwinism, some people are 1’s. You’re a zero.” and on the back: “3133+3″ and ” ‘I only hack for money’ – Erik Bloodaxe”

A couple other minor speakers, the 270 meg hard drive give away, and the convention was pronounced ‘over’ by Dark Tangent. DT was the one who put this whole thing together in case you didn’t know, and deserves a tremendous amount of respect for it. Rumor has it he got stuck with the bill for over a 1000 bucks to cover damages to the wet bar. If you were there, and responsible for any/some damage, please get in contact with him, anonymously even, and help him out. A Defcon ]I[ would be nice. That wrapped the convention up, but still left a lot of people with most of the night to waste as some of us planned on driving/flying out the next morning.

After that, Morpheus and I went back to the hotel to grab a bite to eat. Since we weren’t paying for food, rooms, drinks, etc., we decided to eat at this really nice Italian place. Morpheus’ step-father was ‘comped’ while we were there, thus, no paying on our part. We walked into the restaurant and were promptly told we could not eat there because we were wearing t-shirts. He had on an Armani t-shirt while I had on the more relaxed ‘Defcon’ shirt. We bitched a little that rules weren’t posted, bitched some more and left. The French restaurant next door would be good enough. Low and behold we got the same thing there. This time, things were different. From the front of the restaurant, we could see two people wearing t-shirts. One t-shirt right in front of us was striped but matched the shorts he was wearing. The other was a plain black t-shirt. The manager dood told us that since it had a pocket, it was ok. We didn’t see it that way. Five minutes later we sat down and ate. After our great meal (180 some bucks for the three of us – free) we headed back to the Sahara.

Room 1790 was the site of a small get together and a little drinking. Most of the drinks had been consumed the night before leaving a lot of vodka and a little orange juice. It went quickly. Goodbyes were said, drinks finished, last quarters were thrown into slot machines, and everyone parted ways. Morpheus and I walked back to our hotel.

I mentioned this above, but there is more to it. We stayed in the Mirage. If you have never heard of it, it is considered to be the nicest hotel on the strip by most people. One weird thing about it, is when you are walking through it, you feel like you are in Big Brother Land. Translated: You are ALWAYS being watched. I had heard about it before arriving and had even seen part of their security setup on TV, but you don’t get the true feeling of how many cameras there are until you walk through there. On the first floor alone where all the restaurants and casinos are, I would estimate over 500 cameras were watching. Each bank of slots, each poker table, each hallway, each ‘attraction’, each everything, and there would be a camera above you. Some obvious as hell, some not quite so obvious. Places like the Mirage are prototypes of what our culture will be going to. Everything you do will be on videotape somewhere, stored on computer, even though you don’t know it. Stickers with the quasi-Intel logo were floating around but instead of ‘Intel Inside’ it said ‘Big Brother Inside’. Scary.

The trip back was pretty uneventful: two planes rides, a car trip, and some unpacking. Denver was quite the same as we had left it.

Thinking back to the trip we decided to give our own set of awards for various things at the convention. Here they are.

  • Best Booth – TNO
  • Coolest ‘Elite’ Person – Drunkfux (so mellow)
  • Coolest ‘Non-Elite’ Person – John Dvorak
  • Craziest Person – Remj (ask him about the cigarette)
  • Biggest Loser- Dood from NSA (he didn’t even take notes)
  • Best Unconfirmed Fed – Guy I saw (in paragraph above)
  • Sure as Hell Feds – ‘Tech Services’ group (I phear them)
  • Best room in Hotel – 1790
  • Best Speaker – Winn Schwartau
  • Best Hack – Sands Hotel/baccarat thing
  • Best Quote on Camera – “We’re not criminals, we’re revolutionaries” – DK
  • Weirdest Movie- Frosty’s Video
  • Best Quote Taken Out of Context – “We’re not boyfriends, we just fuck each other

That sums it up. Any questions about the con, this article, or whatever, mail me at JERICHO[at]NETCOM.COM.

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