#067: Cash, Check or Charge

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

Three forms of payment today. Each one as fucked up as the other one. Such a simple concept blown all to hell by stupidity.

Check writers. Since I started taking more checks where I work, I have since noticed a lot of things that are kinda messed up. 1) Check writers always borrow your pen. 2) They then have to record the check wasting time. 3) They seem offended when you ask for a drivers license. 4) If they have it with them. 5) Some people have temporary checks with nothing preprinted, and they expect vendors to take them.

Think about how easy it is to commit check fraud if a vendor will take a non-preprinted check. Just go get some temp checks from yer bank, write some bullshit info up top, ‘forget’ your license, and you are set. Vendor loses out on a lot of money.

Now you have this piece of paper that represents money, and it sits at the retail store. The next day it gets deposited, by the end of that day the transaction is completed by the bank, and money is credited to the vendor. Just about two days pass before the bank even messes with the check. That also gives the check writer just over a day to cancel payment on the check if they want, and let the vendor worry about collecting on the money. Some real small businesses can’t afford to have the backing of Telecredit and really can’t afford the time/effort/manpower to go track down someone so they can collect.

Checks are so far obsolete but people use them way too much. The only practical purpose of them is for sending payment through the mail.

Charge. If you have a charge card, you have to sign something when you use it but no card carriers have pens with them. Ever notice how some business losers will charge everything from a 3000 dollar computer system to a 1 dollar pack of gum on a card. They are like chain chargers or something. Since credit cards are used so much, and the link ups are so well established, why aren’t we fully on a debit system? You have a card that represents your bank account. On the front is a picture of you to avoid some credit abuse etc.

Speaking of credit abuse, it is so simple for some teenager to get ahold of another person’s credit card and go abuse the hell out of it. Hell, charge up a ton of stuff, ship it off to Mozambique by FedEx and just have a general heyday on someone else’s card. Cruel, yes, funny, yes. Any smart chimp could get out of the payment on such a charge but once again, it is more a pain in the ass. Phone order credit fraud is prevalent with mail order companies. One more reason to go to direct debit in person. Even though it is convenient to mail order something, when you think about it, how much effort does it take to run to the local computer store to get it there?

Step up and use your card to directly pay for merchandise. Sounds good and it is a very realistic system, but for some reason these high dollar companies won’t get their head out of their ass.

So that leaves us with cash, like you are going to carry much around these days, checks, which are getting to be a pain in the ass because it takes so long to write, record, verify info, etc, and last you have credit, but one step short of a good system. Money is evil no doubt. You may have read a few files out there about the problems with it and the inherent evil it causes in homo sapiens. But now it has become a pain in the ass it seems.

So bitch at your bank to go a debit system or something. We have the technology, it would make life a tad bit easier, but like humans, we are just falling behind in mental capacity like usual.

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