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[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

Recently, there has been a lot of news coverage on banning things, and censorship of others. Ranging from books, to gifs on the computers, to IRC on internet. The list of items that are wanted banned grows daily and never does it diminish. About once a month, I UL a file I get from somewhere that is a list of things that have been banned here or there. After I read them, I really have to question what the fuck is going on through people’s minds.

The one that got me the other day is this. Someone at a college in Iowa or something like that, wants all IRC use banned at that college. For those of you who don’t know what IRC is, it is ‘Internet Relay Chat’, although some people say it stands for something else. Either way, it is just that, chatting. Basically, there are anywhere from 1000 to 3000 people on at any given time. There are usually hundreds of channels you can join. All you do is ‘/JOIN #’ and that puts you on a semi-private channel depending. Channels can be 100% private, secret, invite only, open to everyone who is on IRC, etc. It all depends. Anyway, you get on a channel, or start one on your own. Other people may or may not be on the channel but usually there is. I frequent many channels and on the average there is about 8 or so people on. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Anyway, so you and the other people can chat. If you just type something, everyone sees it. You read what everyone else is saying also. You can also privately send a message to whoever you want so only you two read it. Either way, all you do is chat. The cool part is, on some channels I have been on, I simultaneously chat with someone from New York, Canada, Europe, Australia, and other countries. We don’t know each other of course but we all have common interests and can talk about them. There is basically a channel for any topic you could imagine, and if there isn’t, then you can make one. What harm is there chatting with people around the world? That is all it is, yet people at this one college want it banned. That is complete bullshit.

Next, we have books. It seems that at every library, there is always a book or two that has been banned for some reason. Most are banned because of offensive language. A bad word here, or a bad word there, and some bible thumpin’ bitch wants it banned. Who cares if the book tells about real life, moral situations, etc. Some are banned because of content. Maybe graphical sexual descriptions or something, I don’t know. One ‘ban’ recently caught my attention. You have seen the “where’s waldo” books and posters no doubt. Ok. In on book of those pictures, on one page, in the upper left hand corner, is a small female who is standing up after water is poured on her back. She is not wearing a bikini top and her breasts are showing. The thing is, the whole female shown like that, is no bigger than this character: O . And the book was banned by some uppity bitch because her son pointed it out. Excuse me, but isn’t that a little ridiculous?

People like that are a fucking menace to society. It is the close minded thinking like that that causes so many problems. If some kid grows up thinking it is bad to see a breast in a cartoon, what happens when they get their hands on some porn flick when they are 15 years old? They think that it is one of the coolest things that has ever been done, then they show it to their friends, and they make a bigger deal of it. These same kids grow up with a fundamental lacking of understanding ‘birds and bees’. From there, they know little about sex, and from there little about the problems that are associated with sex, such as AIDS, diseases, and pregnancy. It all leads to something else at one point or another.

They already censor television too much. It has been proven countless times that if kids are exposed to ‘obscene’ or ‘violent’ things in a semi-controlled environment, then they grow up with a better understanding of that subject, and less problems arise from it. If it is common day things, then kids don’t think anything of it.

Another thing that bothers the hell out of me, is BBSs around here, and other places. These files, the F.U.C.K. files, have been banned of a few local boards for various reasons. Usually the name alone does it. People don’t have the fucking insight to read what is uploaded to them. So they think it is some cheezy XXX text file. Either way, they are banned, therefore censoring what I and others say, even though these files will improve other people if they read them. Many BBSs will censor posts and messages by saying the board rules include no cussing. Other sysops, outright delete posts with an offensive word. Excuse me, but isn’t one of the ideas of a BBS to be able to express yourself, and share your ideas with others?

What is a word? Fuck. To me, is slang for having sex. It means nothing further. If someone says fuck you, it means exactly that. If someone says shit, then it is human feces. If someone says damn, then it means curse. Damn it, means curse it. Nothing more. So what makes these words offensive, and not the words, crap, curse, and fornication? They mean the same thing. The only difference, is the hype behind each word. Kids grow up these days learning that those words are bad, and mean vile things, and that corrupts their minds far more in the long run.

Although those are only two examples above, look at what it shows you is getting banned. If people can get away with banning shit like that, then what is next? Free speech is losing its meaning so fast and you really have to question whether it is too late to stop it. More and more items are banned for one reason or another, and nothing ever gets off the ban list it seems, and if it does, you don’t know about it and therefore don’t look for it.

All I can ask is this. If something in your area is about to be banned, then make a copy of it. Spread the news around, and let everyone, not just one misguided person decide if it should be banned or not. Don’t let a small group control part of your surroundings like that.

PS: I buy music for minors.

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