#012: Money, Bleh

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

“The library cut $150,000 worth of journals in 1988, $250,000 in 1991, and $45,000 in 1992 because of increasing journal subscription prices.” Read that today in my school paper. I go to Texas Tech University in a backward town called Lubbock. Lessee, Tech has I think 25,000 people enrolled or so. We have a big campus, largest in the state as a matter of fact and it is honestly quite nice. We have a football stadium, library, and all those neato things that go with colleges. What we don’t have is money. Tech cuts budgets left and right, cuts spending everywhere, and yet I don’t see why really. Tech upped its standards this year to get in but they have been cutting for years. Inflation? That might do it some but usually as inflation goes up, income goes up a little to adjust for that. Anyway, I hate Tech for that reason and I think I will bitch about it a little. Of course I have examples of why Tech can’t afford shit and I bet if you look on the local college campus you will find the same thing.

Ok. I pay out of state tuition. My parents live out of state and Tech’s rules for declaring residency are strict. I pay about $5,000 a semester after housing, tuition, books, and spending money. A lot I know but I don’t see much of that. Anyway, I pay quite a bit right? Well, some of the local people pay a lot less. No problem. I was walking through the dorm lobby last year and stopped. In front of me was a huge table of cookies, chips, cokes, and other snacks. Not the cheap brands of cookies and cokes but the brand names. The table had to have at least a hundred dollars worth of food there. I look around wondering what the occasion is…hmm…I see a bunch of big guys walking in with suitcases. I see a lot of shirts that say “Tech Football” and stuff so I quickly guess that this is the Tech football team. From the time they got there, to the time I left I have never seen so much pampering in my life. They got food, people to carry their luggage, easy check in, no hastles in general. These are the same people that pay NOTHING because of scholarships for sports. So they pay nothing, and get a hell of a lot. Where does that money come from? My tuition I bet. Pisses me off that I am paying for shit like that. I didn’t get any kind of welcome like that. I had a hell of a time getting into my dorm room, no refreshments, etc. and I am the one paying all the money. Hmm.

I played on the Tech Rugby team for 2 semesters. The first semester we were 2nd in the state. The team supported itself. We bought our own uniforms, own food, own transportation, etc. Tech gave the team nothing at all. The football team has a stadium, lots of money, and a shitty record. They suck basically.

When I pay my tuition why can’t I say where the money goes? I don’t give a shit about football and quite frankly the other sports. I came for an education and yet I find myself in an English class with 450 people in it because they can’t afford more profs. The library has cut 2,200 different magazines from its subscription list. Why the hell can’t they see that they need to attend their own business college?

Business. Ranked like 150+ in the nation. Engineering. Ranked in the top 50 or so. Architecture. Ranked in the top 5. Take a guess which one doesn’t get shit for money? I was an ARCH major for 2 years. There was a shortage of profs, supplies, class space, and everything else. 1 of the 4 elevators worked, the building looked like shit, the classes were overcrowded and the department got cuts each year. That department drew many kids to the university in the first place yet they get nothing.

Anyway, you see where I am leading? Tech can’t spend its money worth shit. Nothing more than that. They seem to get a lot of money in yet don’t know what the hell to do with it.

Ok. Second part. Money in general. Money is evil. I hate it but need it of course. Look what money has done for our society. Not much good really. And remember, we are talking about money, not what it gets you. What it has done is corrupted people, cause major problems for the economic system which we have to fight with all the time. People with money have all these wonderful items, great luxuries, and other bullshit that they barely use. Look at all the people without homes, jobs, food, etc. Not in other countries but in our own. Hate to drive it into the ground but it is a problem. A problem we can solve but don’t. Congress is too damn lazy to deal with it and fix the problem. Most of the people in office don’t belong at all. They are the ones that steal from the people, don’t give a shit about the people in general, and hoard the wealth. They are somehow voted in by the people and then right after are wanted ousted by the same people. Anyway.

So money has corrupted these people. Makes people worry about day to day shit that we should be able to not worry about. If you are out of cash and just forgot to run by the ATM your fucked. What happened to the nice days of going into the store and hearing this:

“Well, looks like I am out of money, guess I will have to come by later and get the groceries”

“Ahh, don’t worry about it. I will just put it on a tab and you can pay me later when you come in.”

These days everyone is out for themselves. A few weeks ago I realized I was the same way. Although it would be cool to keep borrowing and never have to repay it because the person is a really good friend it really bugs me for some reason. Call me stupid or whatever but I hate debts.

Money can also ruin people in other ways. Lets say someone has a lot of money and they hit a string of bad luck and lose a lot of it. They can still be financially sound but if other colleagues hear of that then the reputation of that person gets trashed. They get labeled as “poor” or “can’t handle money” or something. All bullshit but true.

Recently I have tried to downplay money in my life and in others if I can do it. Try not to emphasize it in any aspect, etc. but it is a sad part of our life. Bah. Enough drivel. Take all that for what you will and just think about shit. Peace.

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