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  • Why I Don’t Attend the RSA Conference

    For years now, I am asked if I will be at the RSA Conference (RSAC). Invariably, I answer no because I will not subject myself to it, or support the conference in any way. The short answer as to why, is that it is basically the “Comdex” of InfoSec. Overly large, full of flash, and […]

  • Another brick in the wall: Fighting a losing battle on the front lines of security

    [This was originally published on IBM Developer Works.] You sacrifice convenience for security and security for convenience. For which goal was your computer network built? Security? Oops! In the realm of human endeavor, there is usually a simple logic applied to the process of building things. This logic is seen in the way houses, computers, a even […]

  • The Last Line of Defense, Broken

    [This was originally published on SecurityFocus and mirrored on attrition.org.] The Last Line of Defense, BrokenThe Public Perception of Security Companies Getting Compromised Every so often, the protectors of your most important digital resources get hit with a little mud in the face. The so-called last line of defense is broken, and the security company […]

  • Why Your Network is Still Vulnerable

    [This was originally published on Hacker News Network (HNN) and mirrored on attrition.org.] You trust the security experts. Their books and articles about security are often the bibles of System Administrators. Their one paragraph biographies tell you of their ten to twenty years doing network security. They take on impressive titles of neat sounding companies […]