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  • Perlroth, How the World Ends, and Errata

    This will be my fourth and very likely final blog on Nicole Perlroth’s book, “This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends”, as far as the subject matter goes. I may write a couple more that are centered around vulnerability history, based on something included in the book, but more along the lines of […]

  • Studies, articles, and social media activism are just a start.

    I would imagine everyone reading this, who partakes of social media to any degree, is getting worn down with the social media activists. Like everything, there are some that are effecting change and doing great work. They use the media to spread the message while helping to enact change in other ways. Basically, doing more […]

  • Anatomy of a NYT Piece on the Sony Hack and Attribution

    There is a lot of back-and-forth over who hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment. For a not-so-brief summary, here is an extensive timeline to catch you up. I am going to drill down on a single point as it is both fascinating and disgusting. Using a single article that is heavily influencing people around the world, and […]

  • On the origins of the term ‘Hacktivism’…

    This blog is not about debating the definition of Hacktivism; I will leave that to the academics and self-described hacktivists. This article is to clear up confusion on the origin of the term, and point out that Wikipedia’s handling of factual information is sketchy. Further, it will point out that the Cult of the Dead […]

  • Quit volunteering my time.

    Every week someone, or several people, think their 140 characters is worth me spending an hour+ writing an article for them. They noticed some plagiarized text or think someone is a fraud, and they turn around and expect me to research and document it. For years now, I get mail to Errata with a single […]

  • Your Favorite ‘News’ Site is Likely Just A Shitty Blog

    Ten years ago, your favorite tech-centric site was an online news portal. Meaning, it was run by, edited by, and written by news professionals. Old school journalists and editors, brought up through the system we all know and expect. At some point, that changed for the (much) worse, and very few realize it. If you […]

  • The Problem with Overnight Experts

    [This was originally published on attrition.org.] Today’s Example: Robert ‘Bobby’ Siciliano The term “expert” does not have a strict definition. There is no precise time frame or point in time where one moves from layperson to expert. According to Merriam-Webster, an expert is someone “having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or […]

  • Indian Media: Get Over Your Fascination With ‘Whiz Kids’

    [This was originally published on attrition.org.] Introduction India is a proud country, with a wealth of cultural history and tradition that is simply fascinating. Considered by some to be the oldest living civilization, the historical diversity and significance of their culture cannot be measured. Today’s India is substantially different however, especially to the rest of the […]

  • Errata Hits Puberty: 13 Years of Chagrin

    I presented on the 13 year history of the Errata project at RVAsec giving a behind-the-scenes look at the nightmare and headaches involved. Both from the project, and from the security industry. This presentation was updated slightly, and given a month later at the Black Hat Briefings 2012 in Las Vegas. The attrition.org Errata project […]