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  • Book Review: Kusters Yakuza

    I don’t review books that often, especially not recently. While I read my share, they usually end up as side discussions with friends or a quick comment on Facebook. One topic that has always fascinated me is the Yakuza. I’ve read a variety of books on the subject over the years, including Confessions of a […]

  • Reporting terrorism, affect your credit? (we’re doomed)

    Right as I am about to wind down for the night, ISN rolls in, filling the inbox of most people before they wake. One of the last articles caught my attention and I read the first few paragraphs. Sandia to boot behemoth botnet This article (full GCN article) was disturbing to say the least. A couple of […]

  • The Crime of Punishment

    [This was originally published on The Synthesis and mirrored on attrition.org.] As you read this, an unusual legal case history is being established around the prosecution of computer crime. Because computer crime is still a relatively new aspect in the arena of law and prosecution, each and every case sets important precedent that will be […]

  • In Response To: Unplugged! The biggest hack in history

    [This was originally published in Aviary Magazine and mirrored on attrition.org.] Original Articlehttp://www.zdnet.com/filters/printerfriendly/0,6061,2345639-2,00.htmlBy John Simons, WSJ Interactive EditionOctober 1, 1999 8:54 AM PT The Phonemasters and I In 1994, I was learning as much about computers and telephony as I could possibly take in. Had an extra 500 page manual? I’d digest it in days. […]

  • Defacto Damage: Unusual Trends in Loss Figures

    [This was originally published on Aviary Magazine and mirrored on attrition.org.] A disturbing trend is emerging in computer crime across the United States. A trend that can not easily be passed off as mere coincidence either. With each computer crime comes a figure for damages and losses. Not surprisingly, when media and law enforcement report […]