Category: Drama

  • A Note on the RSA Keynote Fiasco…

    In the past day or two, The RSA Conference announced a few of the keynotes for the upcoming 2016 RSAC conference. The industry is largely scoffing at some of their choices, for obvious reasons. There are so many facets to this topic, one could write a book. Hopefully I will limit myself to the key […]

  • Studies, articles, and social media activism are just a start.

    I would imagine everyone reading this, who partakes of social media to any degree, is getting worn down with the social media activists. Like everything, there are some that are effecting change and doing great work. They use the media to spread the message while helping to enact change in other ways. Basically, doing more […]

  • You keep using that word… (a note on “bullying”)

    As a tech editor who apparently hit the glass ceiling, perhaps my only value to the industry is reminding people what words mean. Usually that is done for the author before something is published but it is clear the industry could gain some value this time. With the terms “bully” and “bullying” being thrown around […]

  • To the guy calling himself “David Willson”, you don’t get it (was re: Active Defense)

    Yesterday, I published a blog titled “Putting an end to ‘strike back’ / ‘active defense’ debate…”. While the title of the blog was tongue-in-cheek, the content certainly was not. Of course I don’t expect the debate to suddenly end over a single blog, but I did bring up a good great point about the idea […]

  • A Holdout for Sanity

    Last week, I blogged about the Adria Richards saga, and then linked it into similar activities from the ADA Initiative (AI). Days after, people are still divided on who was right and who reacted poorly. One thing almost everyone agrees on is that no one came out a winner. In the wake of both incidents, […]

  • All This Over a Dongle?!

    As usual, someone is wrong on the Internet, and I just can’t help myself. Many will already be familiar with the incident at PyCon this week. During a talk, two men were talking to themselves, and a woman overheard it. She took offense to what they said, got the attention of convention staff, and had […]