Month: June 2021

  • June 2021 Reviews (Stowaway, Infinite, Lupin Part 2, Synchronic)

    [A summary of my movie and TV reviews from last month, posted to, mixed in with other reviews.] Stowaway (2021)Medium: Movie (Netflix)Reference(s): IMDB Listing || TrailerRating: 3 / 5 Shot for the stars, fell shortThis movie had a lot going for it; a tiny cast (four people), decent budget, and a human drama as […]

  • Box of Shit: D2D’s Dilemma

    Box of Shit: D2D’s Dilemma

    Back in 2017, D2D sent me a box of shit. I meant to write about it back then but I got busy, which I think foretold that he would get busy. He now checks in every few months to make one pithy statement, usually about toilet events, and vanish back into his ether. Sometimes his […]

  • Perlroth, How the World Ends, and Errata

    This will be my fourth and very likely final blog on Nicole Perlroth’s book, “This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends”, as far as the subject matter goes. I may write a couple more that are centered around vulnerability history, based on something included in the book, but more along the lines of […]

  • My Photography is Popular

    According to Ken Rockwell, via the first result of a Google search, the definition of a professional photographer is someone: .. who earns 100% of his income from photography. This is the definition required for entrance into the secret Nikon and Canon factory support organizations. People who earn less than 50% of their income from […]