Month: October 2020

  • Box of Shit: The Punkis Confluence

    After removing many half-eaten Styrofoam peanuts I found the contents of this box sent by Punkis. Yes, that Punkis; the old, old, decrepit staff member. Bromancing the stone with Modify all those years he left the traffic of the greater Los Angeles region for the warm wonderful climate of a state within spitting distance…

  • Altered Carbon Nudity Index

    For those who know me, they are well aware that I have a slight ‘spreadsheet’ problem. More specifically, Google Sheets since they are collaborative and sync across devices. Not the point! I tend to make Sheets for more and more things and track many data points in my life around my health. I also have…

  • Box of Shit: The U.K. @w1bble Variety

    Box of Shit: The U.K. @w1bble Variety

    It’s been a while since I wrote up a ‘Box of Shit‘ but felt it was time after receiving one from Jamie (@w1bble). He sent it from that far away place trying to find an exit or something; U.K. politics are so weird, not like the U.S. They talk funny too. Speaking of weird, this…

  • A Small Ask of @JerseyMikes For the Greater Good

    A Small Ask of @JerseyMikes For the Greater Good

    A proposal for Jersey Mike’s to cut as many as 31 billion calories from consumer diets a year.