Month: August 2018

  • The Uncertain Future of Necco Wafers and the Logical Response

    Recently, the Necco wafer factory abruptly shut down after the company sold it to an “unknown buyer”. The footer to that image reads: “Necco, the oldest candy company in the country, abruptly shut down its Revere, Mass. factory on July 26, and left about 230 workers jobless. (Reuters)” Yes, the oldest candy company in the […]

  • Case Study: Not A Vulnerability (NAV)

    [This was originally published on in the 2018 Vulnerability Mid-year Report.] As stated earlier in this report, “incomplete information, constant updates and revisions, misinterpretation, and errors in reporting can all contribute to a level of confusion regarding the impact, severity and risk a vulnerability represents.” One way that this manifest is in vulnerability reports […]

  • Jericho in Vegas Next Week… (for real)

    Hi! Given my occasional good-natured trolling on Twitter, and since many have asked me the last few weeks, I want to set the record straight. I will be in Las Vegas next week, for real. I arrive tomorrow evening and leave the following Sunday. This is the first time at BH/DC in several years for […]

  • DC26 Attrition Badge Round-up

    This is the first DEF CON I am attending after a long break. For kicks I decided to make up a run of DC26 Attrition badges like prior years and conferences. Depending on who you ask, the badge is a decoration only, or it gets you into fabulous parties and amazing events. Anyone with a […]