Month: July 2014

  • BSidesLV, Charity, and a change of heart.

    Read it all heathen! Teaser list of stuff in the charity box is included below. As most reading this blog know, next week is the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas to attend the ‘meta-con’. A mix of BSidesLV, BlackHat Briefings USA, DEFCON, and a number of other smaller sub-conferences, meet-ups, gatherings, and the ever present […]

  • Disclosure: Samsung Galaxy Phones Factory Reset Persistent Local Information Disclosure

    A couple years back, I handed my Samsung Galaxy S1 down to a friend. When she got it she browsed the file system out of curiosity and noticed that it had retained private information; both from applications, as well as content I generated (e.g. pictures). While she promised to do a write-up of all the […]