Month: May 2013

  • “grandfathered” – You don’t know what it means…

    Some ten years ago when I first subscribed to Comcast cable TV, after returning to Denver, they had two basic options. Basic meant the absolute bare bones basic channels (locals), nothing else. For ~ $20 more, the Basic Plus, you got 100 more channels including all the “basic” ones we’re used to. I took the […]

  • Oh the Spam I Receive

    I’m pretty sure we have all become numb to the unsolicited bulk email (aka Spam) we receive. Well, I should qualify that. There are a few dumbasses out there that still click links, still think Microsoft is giving away 400 million dollars, or that some Prince in Uzbeki-beki-stan wants to leave their fortune to a […]

  • OSVDB Blog Migration

    [This was originally published on the OSVDB blog.] For years, we have used Typo3 for our blog, hosted on one of our servers. It isn’t bad software at all, I actually like it. That changes entirely when it sits behind Cloudflare. Despite our server being up and reachable, Cloudflare frequently reports the blog offline. When […]

  • Security News Jumped the Shark, Then Beat It With a Rubber Hose

    Anything strike you, the seasoned InfoSec professional, as odd about this batch of headlines? For over a decade, I have been speaking out against bullshit news articles when it comes to security and hackers. It got so bad in the past, I had to stop updating the ‘Media’ section of Errata, because so many articles […]

  • Welcome to the Internet…

    No matter how many articles, news segments, books, web sites, infgraphics, or rumors that warn people about the perils of the Internet, people still flock to this magical Mecca thinking it will bring great entertainment, answers, or whatever else (porn). While I have been in InfoSec for most of the last 20 years, this post […]

  • Not All Charities Are Created Equal

    I support charities. Quite a few of them actually. Maybe it isn’t the best use of the money I donate, as dozens receive small amounts, rather than one or two receiving a sizable donation. I know that with few exceptions, it seems like my donations are mostly wasted, and it has me questioning my support. […]