Month: August 2012

  • Indian Media: Get Over Your Fascination With ‘Whiz Kids’

    [This was originally published on] Introduction India is a proud country, with a wealth of cultural history and tradition that is simply fascinating. Considered by some to be the oldest living civilization, the historical diversity and significance of their culture cannot be measured. Today’s India is substantially different however, especially to the rest of the […]

  • Rebuttal: For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out…

    [This was originally published on This is a rebuttal piece and rant regarding Hacker Switches Sides to Help Public Safety Stave Off Cyber Attacks (Aug 10, 2011), a subsequent article, and communication with Mary Rose Roberts and her editor Glenn Bischoff. Yes, I realize this is not a timely response, but it has remained on my […]