Month: March 2012

  • We’re Still Here – Update on OSVDB Project: Data and Exports

    [This was originally published on the OSVDB blog.] At a glance, it may appear as if the OSVDB project has fallen by the wayside. Some of our public facing pages have not been updated in several years, the last string of blog posts was over a year ago, and a recent update caused a few […]

  • Ferreting Out Unique Vulnerability Data in OSVDB

    [This was originally published on the OSVDB blog.] In previous blog posts and on Twitter, I have shown and mentioned various methods for searching OSVDB to find interesting data. However, there is no written guide to the ins-and-outs of the data. The search interface is simple enough, but it can be used in a manner […]

  • Rebuttal: Bingo Motherfucker

    [This was originally posted on This is a rebuttal piece to “RSA Buzzword Bingo” (Feb 25, 2012) by Daniel Cornell, Principal at Denim Group. In his blog, Cornell creates some ‘Bingo’ cards to take along to the RSA Security Conference. RSA is well known for being the “Comdex of security conventions”, where vendor hype and self-congratulation are the norm, […]