Month: August 2011

  • Data Breaches Harder to Understand

    [This was originally published on Credant, now a Dell company, under my OSF byline. Archived on] On the off chance you missed any news outlet the last 30 days, an .anti security. movement has been reborn. Started in 1999, the Antisec Movement focused on encouraging security consultants and hackers not to disclose vulnerabilities to […]

  • Whoever Fights Monsters: Aaron Barr, Anonymous, and Ourselves

    I was part of a panel scheduled with Aaron Barr and Josh Corman that was moderated by Paul Roberts at DEF CON 19 in 2011. Due to legal concerns regarding HBGary, Barr had to bow out last minute and Kryptia stepped in to participate. He began wearing a disguise so the audience thought it might […]