Month: July 2011

  • My Canons on (ISC)² Ethics – Such as They Are

    [This was originally published on Infosec Island, and then] The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc., (ISC)², bills themselves as “the global, not-for-profit leader in educating and certifying information security professionals throughout their careers.” They are probably most well-known for their CISSP® – Certified Information Systems Security Professional. With 5 years of experience, practice in two […]

  • Rebuttal: Matthew Hughes, Puppy Kicker

    [This was originally published on This is a rebuttal piece to “Shame on” (2011-07-11) and subsequent tweets by Matthew Hughes. (Update: After reading this piece, Hughes has posted his own rebuttal to this page.)] Earlier today, Matthew Hughes released a libelous and irresponsible post scolding for the “leakage of Gregory D Evans’s psychiatric documents”. He refers […]

  • Rebuttal: The Pyrrhic Benefit of FUD

    [This was originally published on This is a rebuttal piece to The Benefits of FUD (2011-07-07) by Emmett Jorgensen.] I wrote an article about Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) back in 1999, after dealing with it in different capacities for years prior. The FUD we deal with as part of life and society is one thing; it is so […]

  • Rebuttal: Microsoft, Unhackable and Ridiculous

    [This was originally posted on This is a rebuttal piece to Microsoft: We’re not vulnerable to DDoS attacks (2011-07-06) by Ms. Smith. More to the point, this is intended for John Howie, senior director in the Online Services Security & Compliance (OSSC) group at Microsoft.] Microsoft: We’re not vulnerable to DDoS attacks Microsoft’s John Howie claims […]