Month: July 2009

  • Squirrel Power?

    [07-16 23:55] jericho: zoo was too busy, so did the aquarium and the children’s museum [07-16 23:59] K: how was that? [07-16 23:59] jericho: aquarium was pretty neat. never been to the one here [07-16 23:59] jericho: children’s museum is not a museum, rather a place for kids activities [07-16 23:59] K: right [07-16 23:59] […]

  • Box of Shit: Stalker Box

    At some point around 2008 I put together a box with a bunch of random shit laying around. Nothing of value, all stuff you question why you even kept it in the first place basically. Off it went to an unsuspecting victim/friend. From there, the box-of-shit was born. Since then, I have sent out hundreds […]