Month: December 2008

  • Microsoft LifeCam – sucks the life out of me

    It wasn’t my choice, but I was handed a Microsoft “LifeCam” today, as the original recipient didn’t want it. Figured I’d try to use it to make a Guinea Pig cam after seeing a nice setup and live streaming a few nights ago. The software it comes with makes me want to vomit. Insert the […]

  • Disclosure: Oempro Multiple Vulnerabilities

    [This was originally published on OSVDB, now gone. VulnDB IDs 50321, 50322, 50323, 50324] Release Date: 2008-12-01Application: Octeth Technologies, Oempro Ref: CVE-2008-3057, CVE-2008-3058, CVE-2008-3059OSVDB: 50321 .. 50324Reference: Description: “What is Oempro? Newsletters, product release announcement emails, e-cards, happy birthday emails, email reminders, auto responders, simply all kind of emails can easily be generated […]