Month: May 2008

  • Who’s to blame? The hazard of “0-day”.

    [This was originally published on the OSVDB blog.] This blog entry is probably worth many pages of ranting, examining and dissecting the anatomy of a 0-day panic and the resulting fallout. Since this tends to happen more often than some of us care to stomach, I’ll touch on the major points and be liberal in […]

  • Hey asshole business (Chase)

    Ranting on behalf of a friend. We were out grabbing vegetables for the guinea pigs, a quick dinner and some wine for her. Trying to purchase wine, her debit card was declined. Figuring it was a fluke and the bad mojo of our local Wine Nazi rubbing off, she tried again at Wahoo’s and it […]

  • Over Reliance on Social Network Friends in Zynga Games

    Re-thinking Game Design for Character Advancement Abstract:Zynga is a commercial company that produces free games that are played via the Facebook social network. Per Zynga’s mission, they seek to “connect people through games”. This is readily apparent in their eagerness for you to play games with your friends through a number of game designs and […]

  • Hypersensitive Computer Displays

    I’ve noticed this many times over the last decade. computerized display systems are often hypersensitive to the point of being silly and absurd. Years ago I noticed downloading files via some clients would show me the speed of the transfer to the Nth place, where N is totally ridiculous. I was getting 83.92384293842903k download and […]