Month: June 2001

  • Book Review: Hack Attacks Revealed

    [This was originally published on Enterprise Zone and mirrored on] Hack Attacks RevealedA Complete Reference with Custom Security Hacking ToolkitJohn Chirillo047141624X, 960 Pages, Wiley Computer PublishingHack Attacks RevealedPartially Hack Attacks Revealed begins with a solid technical foundation but soon unravels without revealing true hacking. Hackers understand that the true art and spirit of hacking […]

  • Poetry #51: reason

    [This was originally published in F.U.C.K. poetry Issue #51. The publish date is approximate.] comfort leads to the path of love some sort of mirror reflecting essence illogical thought forming a bond we brand it with an ‘L’ word and don’t care beyond simple satisfaction and shreds of happiness pursuit of a better mental state […]