Month: May 2000

  • CERT Rides the Short Bus

    [This was originally published on] One of the resources provides is mirroring defaced web pages. One of the related services is running three mail lists revolving around defaced web pages. We offer three different mail lists to accommodate people wishing to stay abreast of the latest defacements: defaced – this list receives one […]

  • “It Is Good Beating Proud Folks..”

    [This was originally published on] “It is good beating proud folks, for they will not complain“ William Knowles pointed me to today, as they had apparently changed their web page after a recent defacement. Below is the message currently up on their server: Due to hackers rewriting my pages from others websites, we will be […]

  • Building a Better Windows

    Disclaimer: This is written based on the use of Windows 95, with little to no exposure to Windows98 or Windows2000. The original publication date is not known beyond 2000. It started out with my pager blurting a number in the XXX area code. The phone number did not look familiar at all, and the area […]