Month: February 2000

  • Placing the Blame

    This was originally published on Newstrolls and subsequently mirrored on] As I type this article, there is a significant effort under way to track down two individuals. Both “Maxus” and “Curador” are wanted by several law enforcement agencies, most notably the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Each person has committed a crime involving unauthorized computer access. […]

  • Have Script, Will Destroy (Lessons in DoS)

    [This was originally published on Hacker News Network (HNN), re-printed on Digital Mogul, translated to French, and mirrored on Images courtesy of Dale Coddington.] I began writing this article almost one year ago, after the onslaught of smurf attacks being launched against various networks throughout the Internet. At the time, the newly discovered Denial of Service […]

  • The Crime of Punishment

    [This was originally published on The Synthesis and mirrored on] As you read this, an unusual legal case history is being established around the prosecution of computer crime. Because computer crime is still a relatively new aspect in the arena of law and prosecution, each and every case sets important precedent that will be […]

  • Deconstructing the Hype

    [This was originally published on and mirrored on] As a security consultant, I get a lot of e-mail about every topic in the security arena. Running a popular mail list, I tend to get more than most, especially with new product advertisements. For the most part I give them a once over before deleting […]