Month: December 1999

  • Poetry #40: feeling music

    [This was originally published in F.U.C.K. poetry Issue #40. The publish date is approximate.] Sometimes i hear the music rhythm and movement Other times I feel the music coursing through me Breaking me down, a weapon from up high Usually I listen with baseline intensity and thought infrequently it throws me against a wall it […]

  • Setting Standards in Security

    [This was originally published on Aviary Magazine and mirrored on] Returning from Tokyo a few weeks back prompted me to remember an ongoing problem in the security community. I don’t necessarily mean the computer security community, but this certainly applies to computer/network security as well as anyone else. The reason this is a big […]

  • Not Just a Game Anymore

    [This was originally published on Hacker News Network (HNN) and mirrored on] This is a follow-up to a previous article titled Is it worth it? Dispelling the myths of law enforcement and hacking, released on November 22, 1999 via Hacker News Network. Included with this article are several sanitized copies of various documents pertaining to computer […]

  • Computer Crime Legal Resources

    [This was originally published on Aviary Magazine and mirrored on] Not a day goes by without someone asking me where to find specific information. After a smart ass response about the value of a search engine, I can usually come up with a link or starting place for them. Because of recent articles on HNN and OSALL, […]

  • The Wrong Approach

    [This was originally published on Aviary Magazine and mirrored on] Inside of one month, myself or thousands of other security consultants could eradicate over 90% of the vulnerabilities plaguing Unix systems today. Sound far fetched? It isn’t as crazy as it sounds. More crazy as that notion is why it hasn’t been done years […]