Rants of a deranged squirrel.

2022 #MakeHimHurt Challenge

On the back of my Cross-country Drive blog, Part 5 specifically, the fine folks at Sonflower have decided to put me to the test and try to “make me hurt“. This came in the form of a Give Lively fundraiser and two donations to kick it off. The ringleader in this effort, Alicia, not only donated but created it so she could keep throwing it in my face. What a jerk, but I also approve. For donations to Sonflower I encourage you to use this fundraiser! At the end of the year I will do a 3:1 match for that total amount. So the table below tracking donations to my challenge, including this specific fundraiser, have ‘TBD’ for those donations.

[9/13/22 Update: Northern Colorado Wildlife Center has joined the fun and created their own Give Lively fundraiser. They are about the only shop in Colorado that does any reptiles or amphibians, and the only one that currently drives out to rescue injured wildlife. Helping them is huge!]

With that… bring the pain?!

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