Rants of a deranged squirrel.

International Concourses, Layovers and a Wandering Mind (LA / Sydney)

Six hour layover in Sydney, but free wifi. A few things I realized the last 15 hours:

– International terminals at airports are fun, but LAX is the best. Every employee, I wonder if they are just incidental locals, or transplants that migrated here in hopes of being in [music|acting|porn].

– Not even Bose QC2 noise reduction headphones can drown out the wailing of an annoying kid.

– 20 protein bars next to a camera lens and cables in one bag look sufficiently worrisome to warrant a bag search by TSA.

– It’s a good thing random citizens aren’t ambassadors for their country. Else, I would think that all Aussies are lecherous, homophobic assholes with severe boundary issues.

– It’s difficult for me to perceive a Mac as a ‘multimedia’ machine, despite the long standing reputation. My Mac will not play an AVI out of the box. My Windows systems (as far back as 95) will play AVI out of the box.

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