Rants of a deranged squirrel.

Squirrel Power?

[07-16 23:55] jericho: zoo was too busy, so did the aquarium and the children’s museum
[07-16 23:59] K: how was that?
[07-16 23:59] jericho: aquarium was pretty neat. never been to the one here
[07-16 23:59] jericho: children’s museum is not a museum, rather a place for kids activities
[07-16 23:59] K: right
[07-16 23:59] jericho: was jealous of the kids because they could put on coats w/ hoods that made them look like squirrels
[07-16 23:59] K: 😀
[07-17 00:00] jericho: then i realized i’d be branded a ‘furry’ when my desire to dress as a squirrel has nothing to do with that
[07-17 00:00] K: so what is the squirrel thing, anyway? 🙂
[07-17 00:01] jericho: great little creatures, survivalists, adaptable, very clever and fantastic tails
[07-17 00:02] K: so ‘animal admiration’ but not, say, to the point of being a totem animal, spirit guide, etc?
[07-17 00:02] jericho: or sexually interested, right
[07-17 00:02] K: well yeah
[07-17 00:02] jericho: if a squirrel was my spirit guide, pretty sure i’d spend half my life on a grocery store isle w/ cans of planter’s nuts, wondering how i got there

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