Rants of a deranged squirrel.

So I rant…

[Originally posted elsewhere.]

Sitting among people makes me think, and it’s usually negative and cynical. Sometimes I get the feeling to rant about it, share my feelings, even if it is only with some_obscure_file.txt that will never be seen by the light of day. Then I get to thinking about 15 years ago when I started the F.U.C.K. text file series. they were always published without dates with the intent that the content would be relatively timeless. The goal there was to encourage authors (and remind myself) that we should be looking at the bigger pictures, stay broad, don’t get trapped in one little facet of an issue. all these years later, did they do any good? Did one person read them and not grow up to be a douchebag? Even now as i write this and post it on an obscure blog read by seven people, will it do any good? I guess these days I know that 99.99% of writing is white noise and lost in the background. Relying and instilling faith in search engines is pretty disturbing, but that is how people find most writing like this. Unfortunately for most authors, people don’t google “why society sucks” and if they do, tend not to find this type of material.

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