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Month of PHP Bugs

[This was originally published on the OSVDB blog.]

Hell hath no fury like a PHP developer scorned…


During the last months there have been the Month of the Browser bugs and the Month of the Kernel bugs projects that tried to raise awareness for security vulnerabilities in browsers and kernels.

After thinking a bit about this I started to wonder if I should not start a Month of PHP bugs somewhen in the first half of 2007. At the PHP conference it was once again claimed that it is not PHP that is insecure but the applications written by novice programmers. While it is true that many PHP applications are written by people with no clue about security it is absolutely not true that PHP is a secure programming language.

I think it is necessary to make ALL people aware of this. The plan is therefore to choose one of the 31 day months after January and release everyday a vulnerability in PHP itself. I would like to hear comments from the PHP community about this plan. (Be warned that anonymous rants will be deleted)

To check out the bugs, visit www.php-security.org/. I will also be adding comments to this entry pointing out some of the interesting commentary and underlying message behind this effort.

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