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April 2001 Reviews (The Crow 3, Red Planet, The 6th Day)

[This was originally published on attrition.org.]

The Crow – Salvation (2/5 rating) – The Crow is a movie that is hard to describe, one that words can barely do justice for. As with many movies, the desire to make a sequel and keep the ‘story’ alive is based more in monetary profit than love of the film/story. The Crow 2 was such a beast, falling way short of the first. It was doomed to pale in comparison without Brandon Lee playing the lead roll. Despite this, the movie had potential in that was a new story, a new crow, a new legend.

Red Planet (3/5 rating) – Movies come out in pairs many times. Armageddon/Deep Impact, Traffic/Blow, Dante’s Peak/Volcano.. released at the same time yet sharing a very similar theme. Red Planet shared the same theme and time frame as Mission to Mars. Like MtM, catastrophe strikes this crew as they approach Mars and the drama ensues. Many of the same elements and twists are found in this movie, but at least we have a different cast and a few ‘surprises’. If you have to watch one of the two, choose this one.

The 6th Day (4/5 rating) – As long as you go into any Schwarzenegger flick with mediocre expectations, you should enjoy the show. Yes, his puns are poor, the special effects not always top notch, and the action decent. If you saw ‘Total Recall’, you may find a lot in common with this movie. Instead of cloning memories, an evil company can clone people. More scenes of two Arnolds working side by side.

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