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017: Evolution

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

First off. This is not a file debating creationism/evolutionism. Now that that is clear. This is just more mindless ramblings from little old me, constantly tired of the ignorant fucks I am forced to deal with. This may be short cause it is hard to explain. You just sort of have to go outside, and look for yourselves. Just stop, look, listen, and think about your surroundings. Hell, do that anywhere and you will be surprised at what you might notice.

Ok. Evolution. Basically ape to man, in a long time. Heh, thing is, it seems to me that not everyone evolved. I noticed this most in some of my bullshit classes. The general required classes you take in college, and maybe in high school. The people I will talk about are being stereo-typed and I hate to do it, because I hate when people do it to me but you will see my point, I hope.

Look at your average jock. At my college, they are big. They are muscular. And they are quite ignorant/stupid. Some of them are book-smart, and some of them are street-smart, but very few of them are either, and even less are both. The ones I see and have to deal with are fucking morons. They don’t seem to know anything outside of their designated sport. They know the rules of their game, and they know a few things to get them by, and not much else. They are given a structured day, told when to go to class, when to eat, when to go to practice, and told how much free time they have, and when it is. Usually they get tutored through classes, coaches bribe profs to pass them etc. ‘Course I can’t prove that but I have no doubt it goes on. Just listen to them and you will notice their decided lack of grammar and speech skills. Look at them physically. They are big. They are dumb. They are hairy. They LOOK stupid, almost to the point of drooling. You almost expect them to speak like “Oooh. Og big! Og can smash you. Me not as big as brother Thag but me have smarts.” Here is your modern day ape almost.

Next. You have some of your frat guys. The “party all the time” frat guys that measure time in soberness. “Hell! I have been sober for 27.3 hours man! That sucks…” They can drink beer, pass general classes, and somehow pick up decent looking girls with old/cheesy pick up lines. Most are directly related to the jocks, they aren’t quite smart, and they tend to exhibit some of the traits of monkeys. In almost all cases they are dumb, but considered somewhat good looking, and that is what gets them through part of their life. Example, one of my past roommates. He could honestly NOT do two things at once. When he studied, he did that. When he took a break he would eat chips. He could not do both at the same time though. I don’t know about you but when I read a book I can drink, snack on chips, and do some other small things at the same time. His thoughts were on a minute to minute basis, and plans past tomorrow would be lost ten minutes after made. Also notice, that these kinds of frats, are almost like primitive tribes. Hell, they are almost exactly like tribes.

Others. You have your middle road people. They are smart, have common sense, and stand fully upright. They have decent majors, go on to live normal lives, etc. Many times they are your average Joe, the class nobody, and other people that just fit in, and not much else. The “others” have a decent sense of ethics and morals, and know the difference between right and wrong. This is an equivalent of Homo Erectus.

More frat guys. These are the “I have money” types, that come from rich, yuppie, stuck up families. They know some stuff because they could afford better schools, get any help they needed, afford decent looking clothes, etc. They can party with all the rest, but through some grace of nature they can study for tests, and pass difficult classes. They usually end up becoming business majors, lending from their parents, and buying out small companies. Rash generalization I know, but you get the point.

Mr. Sophistication. These are the ones that are smart. They know their classes, they have common sense, and they are physically mature. Many times they come from rich families and a luxurious background but can often times associate with people from other groups. They dress REAL nice, they use good grammar, they have a slight sense of morals/ethics.

Next. The geeks/cyberpunks/whatever you want to call them. These are the ones with the intelligence. They have common sense, a sense of morals and ethics(although bad sometimes), and they are smart. They speak in well structured sentences, use words many people don’t understand, have complex hobbies that take a vast amount of knowledge to partake in, excel at what they want to, and usually end up leading others if they want. These fit under the Homo Superior category.

   So basically you have this:
 Jock --> Frat Guys --> Normal "Joe" --> Frat Guys --> Mr. Sophistication-|

That is modern day evolution right in front of you eyes. Plain and simple. I am not trying to say computer geeks are top of the line or anything, just that they seem to know what the hell is going on. By showing common sense and a basic understanding of your surroundings, you are singling yourself out from other people whether you realize it or not. You are showing you have a clue, and they don’t.

Don’t ask me the point of this file. I guess like usual I am just bitching about things in general. Bleh. People of this world are really messed up in general. No priorities, no clue….no future.

P.S. Think.

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